Boutique. And Unique.

Atherton Real Estate Group is an independent boutique agency focused on helping customers smoothly navigate buying and selling of real estate. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, we specialize in residential sales, buyer representation and investment properties. Most of all, we’re known for high-level personalized service, attention to detail, and a do-what-it-takes independent spirit that only a boutique agency can offer.

So, why is a Boutique Real Estate Firm Best?

Buying and selling is a relationship business. Your experience has absolutely everything to do with your agent. Research shows buyers and sellers hire the person, not the brokerage, firm or agency.

The technology that REALTORS® use is provided by independent third party companies. These companies sell their technology to boutique brokerages as well as massive mega-brokerages. Our boutique firm has better technology than the two monster companies we worked with prior to starting Atherton.

Here are some of the (great!) things that separate the small from the big:

  • Large agencies are now essentially in the agent recruiting business and for-profit training centers.  Big brokerages are in the numbers game.  An agent will pay the ‘house’ any number of these monthly fees…a marketing fee, desk fee, training fee, technology fee and this is all before they sell a single home.

  • Boutique Firms have strong collaboration among agents and the Principal Broker. I personally handle and oversee all escrow checks, contracts, agreements and transactions. At larger firms the Principal Broker is not involved with each transaction.
  • Boutique Firms offer the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) representation as larger companies. Our listings populate to over 300 websites including the big ones: Zillow,, Trulia,, etc.

We are boutique, but we offer a lot in-house

Licensed agents
Licensed appraiser
Certified home staging expert
Title and legal services